Step 1. When you start Version 5, it will automatically check your system for an installed key from a previous version.  If one is found, the following screen is displayed. 

If you have a key from a previous version, but it's not detected, the following screen will not be displayed.  Instead, using Version 5, click on Help>Enter Software key and click the "Upgrade from earlier version" button.  This will give you the opportunity to enter your name and key from an older release.
Step 2. The upgrade wizard will display the currently registered version.

Select "Automatic upgrade" if your system is connected to the internet otherwise select "Manual" to continue the upgrade on a another system that is connected to the internet.
Step 3. The upgrade wizard will lookup your registration information in our database and display your name and the email address we have on file.

If you're eligible for a free upgrade you'll see the text "Free, no charge upgrade !!", otherwise the "Purchase.. " button will be enabled and you can enter your purchased upgrade token into the wizard.
Step 4.  The upgrade wizard will contact our servers, create a new Version 5 key and automatically install it.  A copy of the key will be emailed to you.  Please keep a copy in the event you need to re-install TVSuite Version 5.

Upgrading from a previous version to TVSuite Version 5