Announcing TVSuite Version 6

Faster GPU encoding

NVidia GPUs are now supported for H.264 and HEVC transcoding with about 1.5-2x the performance of Intel QuickSync.  Intel QuickSync support has been upgraded to provided slightly faster and improved encoder quality.

HEVC Support

V6 now supports HEVC encoded files such as transport streams, and QuickTime files (mp4/mov). HEVC support includes both full transcoding, i.e. recode to and from HEVC codecs, as well as intelligent cutting which natively recodes a few frames around the cut points.

Smooth transitions

A long-time requested feature, Version v6 can be configured to automatically create smooth fades and dissolves at cut points.  Go to Tools>Options>Titles and Transitions to enable this feature.  The fade option will fade cuts to and from black, the dissolve option will create a smooth dissolve between cuts.  When enabled, audio will be recoded with fades inserted at cut points.

Full screen video display

If running Version 6 on systems with a DirectX11 capable video card, you can switch VideoReDo to full screen by right clicking on the video and selecting "Toggle full screen display".  You may need to set the video driver on the Tools>Options>Playback page to DX11 first.  While in full screen mode, all keyboard short cuts, mouse wheel actions and right click context menu can used to navigate and edit your video. 

Enhanced encoding

Version 6 now includes the option of using the X264 encoder.  This encoder is somewhat faster than the one used in Versions 4 and 5 and also allows for CRF encoding of H264 and HEVC output.  CRF encoding is designed to provide a constant quality VBR encoding. CRF encoding is also supported by Intel QuickSync and NVidia GPU accelerated encoding.  CRF settings are optionally enabled when the output profile is set to transcode and the output codec is set to Software, QuickSync or NVidia

AC3 audio encoding

Version 6 includes full AC3 compatible encoding.  You can now retain your full 5.1 audio while preserving dolby encoding.

User assigned shortcuts

Go to Tools>Options>Keyboard shortcuts to assign a custom keyboard command to most TVSuite functions. Some functions, such as 'Open Video' include an optional parameter so that you can use a short-cut to open a particular file.

Full Unicode file support

TVSuite Version 6 has been completely updated for Unicode file name support.  You can now use any combination of characters in your file and folder names including Emojis and symbol characters.

New profile management

With the introduction of HEVC output, managing profiles became more complex than simply specifying MPEG2 or H.264 output. The default for intelligent recoding is now "Same as Source", where the output file codec is the same as the source codec.  The profile management screen as well as the file save dialog has been re-designed to make profile management much easier.  Favorites are quickly identified (click on the 'star' icon to set a favorite), and profiles can be sorted by profile name, codec, and container simply by clicking one of the headings.

Ad-detective profiles

TVSuite Version 6 brings the ability to store and save multiple ad-detective profiles. Create separate Ad-detective profiles to optimize ad-detection settings for each of the TV shows you record.