VideoReDo TVSuite Version 6 - Release Notes
The release notes show the major issues addressed in each build of VideoReDo TVSuite Version 6. View the change log for a list of all enhancements, changes and fix.
Version - Release date: 2019-09-13
Version - Release date: 2019-09-16
Fix: Removed some beta test warnings accidently left in Build 802.
Version - Release date: 2019-10-11
New: Output Profiles: Added option to set the encoding bit depth.
New: Added "Split scenes" to a dropdown menu on the save button in the file save dialog,
Fix: MP4/MKV chapter code re-written.  Joiner output creates chapters. Removed "chapter at zero" option, now automatic. Occasional mux failure due to invalid MKV chapter fixed.
Fix: If VRD already open, open a file via file association wouldn't always work.
Fix: MP4/MKV files with MPEG2 video and AAC audio wouldn't open.
Fix: QSF of DVD using profile with split scenes caused error.
Fix: If VRD already open, open a file via file association wouldn't always work.
Fix: NVidia encoder, aspect ratio not being set correctly at all video dimensions.
Fix: MPEG2, unable to run QSF on some files.  QSF thought the files were elementary streams.
Version - Release date: 2020-03-02
New: Ad-detective, Speed up interactive mode so that's now as fast or faster then Version 5.
New: Elementary stream muxing now works properly for HEVC files.
Change: DVD authoring internals totally re-written.
Change: MPEG2 thumbnails, significant speed up of the display
Change: Navigation, up/down arrow keys now operate in same directions as Version 5.
Fix: Tivo fixed excessive removal of audio frames when stream corruption encountered.
Fix: File save dialog, fixed editing of output file name..
Fix: NVidia encoder, lots of fixes including automatic conversion to progressive if required..
Fix: Removed MPEG-4 part 2 from list of support output profile..
Version - Release date: 2020-08-26
New: Variable speed playback using 'K' and 'L' keys (may be customized).
New: New 64-bit encoders for H264 and HEVC encoding improving speed on high core count systems.
New: Automatic thumbnail expansion when holding shift and clicking on a thumbnail.
Change: Improved DVD output quality when output bit rate is > 6.5 Mbps.
Change: Help > Keyboard shortcuts will display user customized version of shortcuts.
Change: Thunbnails, improved frame cache usage for faster thumbnail displays.
Change: Improve file open speeds by reducing the number of times a file is opened.
Fix: DVD chapter marks could trigger a VOBU error.
Fix: Auto convert 4:2:2 chroma to 4:2:0 when authoring DVDs.
Fix: MPEG2 editing, fixed intermittent crash when positioning to end of video.
Fix: Transport stream muxes play smoother in VLC.
Version - Release date: 2020-08-27
Fix: Automatic download of version upload could stall and not complete.
Version - Release date: 2020-12-26
New: Hide mouse cursor during full screen playback.
New: Dynamically switch between cut and scene mode from the edit menu. Option removed from Tools>Options>General.
New: Joiner now allows you to join videos with different resolutions and frame rates.
New: DVD allows you to specify if authoring NTSC or PAL.  Previously determined automoatically from frame rate and dimensions.
Change: Transport stream muxer changed to make seeking in VLC smoother.
Fix: Encoding to HEVC to on a high-core count (24+ threads) system will no longer exhaust memory.
Fix: Fixed multiple issues when smart editing HEVC files with transitions enabled.
Fix: Generated data for Topfield .rec files not being properly generated.
Fix: Fades not being processed properly on internal cuts (dissolves were OK).
New: Version 6 - Initial release
New: HEVC support
New: Unicode file name support
New: Smooth video and audio transitions
New: AC3 encoding
New: NVidia GPU encoding support
Version - Release date: 2021-06-10
New: Major improvements to the French and Czech translations.
New: Added new sample COM script, join.vbs to illustrate how to use joiner from COM..
New: Added shortcut keys and custom button option to change the playing audio stream without using the menu..
New: Added support for AAC-HE for transport streams with MPEG2 video.
New: Added support for PCM audio in M2TS files from BluRay discs.
Change: Revert chapter files to be like Version 5 using windows line endings (CR, LF) instead of just (LF). Also removed Unicode BOM.
Change: Speed up navigation of forward short interval searches of H264 and HEVC files.