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VideoReDo TVSuite V6, Application Notes

Some files, most notably, MP4/MOV files from cell phones contain a rotation metadata field.  If present, VideoReDo TVSuite will detect it, and use it to auto-process the video to that it appears in it's correct orientation when viewed.


When saving a file hat has rotation metadata, the output file type and value of the rotation metadata determine if the output needs to be recoded.  If file does not have a rotation metadata value, then it's assumed to be 0 degrees.


When doing intelligent recoding:


1. If the output rotation value is "auto", VideoReDo TVSuite will always attempt to save the video as an upright video.  For output file types that don't support rotation metadata, this means an automatic transcode.  For those that do support rotation, such as MP4 and MOV formats, a Smart Edit will be attempted and the source file's rotation value will be saved to the output file.

2. If you specify an output rotation value of "none", a Smart Edit will be attempted and the output file may be displayed as rotated.


For Forced recode:


1.If the output rotation value is "none", the video will be transcoded without any rotation correction.

2.If the output rotation value is "auto" the video will be auto-rotated so that it always displays correctly and if the output format supports rotation metadata, it will be set to 0 degrees.

3.For all other rotation values, the video will be rotated so that the output is rotated, and the rotation metdata, if present, is set to 0 degrees.